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One family, one brand

One family, one brand

Our story begins when in 1963 José Marhuenda Gil founded the company in a small artisan workshop in Monóvar, Spain. However, with the years passing by and the strong arrival of the second generation, the company ended up developing as a manufacturing factory for women's and men's footwear for both the national and European markets.

Such was the success of the resulting product, that in the 70s we produced over 2.5 million pairs every year, which positioned the company as the number one national exporter in the province of Alicante. Being made the first exports to the US and, later on, to all Europe.

Nowadays the company is already in the hands of the third generation, which altogether with the trustworthy people of the previous director, face a new stage towards digitalization.

We are specialized in moccasins

From 1963 until now 70% of our production have been moccasins in all their shapes, making a great product with high quality and comfort, thanks to the experience acquired and passed on generations.

We are experts in moccasin manufacturing as it has been the shoe type that we have focused ever since our beginnings. This expertise it’s been transmitted from generation to generation in order to get a proven quality.

Leather is our main raw material, predominantly cowhide and goat leather which bring to the shoes a great sense of comfort and elasticity.

Rhinos is a Factory specialized in women and men moccasins. High quality raw materials and the expertise on the manufacturing process are our identity and the reason we have been for more than 50 years in the market. That is the reason why we have complete control over the entire production process and know what our clients wants as well as what the consumer is asking for.

We go to Shoe and Footwear Fairs, as the one in Garda, that’s why we know what the market demands.

Our belief is making a light, comfortable and flexible shoe, adaptable to all ages and with a fair and affordable price, working with natural leather, that we import and treat in our own leather tanneries to compete in the global market.

Nowadays Rhinos exports its products to more than 15 countries in the world: Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherland, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, England, Israel, UAE and US.

If you want to sell our footwear but you don’t have a brand we have one for men, Arizona Joe and one for women, Piero Massetti in order to facilitate its commercialization.

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We manufacture for you


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